How to Hire an App Developer: A Complete Guide

how to hire app developer

Nowadays, finding skilled and experienced App Developers is getting difficult as the App Market is continuously growing and is projected to generate $939 billion in sales by the end of 2023. 

Are you also facing difficulty finding a skilled App Developer for your project? Don’t worry. Today our blog post is all about the various options for hiring app developers. We will also guide you through the smooth and easy hiring of a perfect App Developer for your project. 

So, let’s dig in and go through the process of hiring an App Developer.

Why Is Hiring an App Developer Important?

Every business needs to be on a Digital Platform to thrive in the modern economy. Since consumers purchasing patterns have evolved, they now expect businesses to provide them with an Online Platform for a smooth process where they can find everything in one place.

So to develop that platform, you need an expert who can develop that platform for you to reach your customers hassle-free. 

  • Hiring a skilled and trustworthy App Developer will let them add their perspective to your app idea and be a key factor in determining its success.
  • They will be able to foresee and resolve any technical issues that might arise while the project is being developed, which will help you save time and money.

Many pre-made solutions are available, then why would you need to hire an app developer or professionals to create an app? Hiring an App Developer becomes expensive and difficult if your project budget is tight. But websites that provide ready-made solutions frequently need at least some technological know-how. Also, if such a site ever goes offline, you will be helpless because of how much you depend on it.

An app is not just a thing for a company but a requirement. So you don’t just need the Best App Developer but a Skilled and Experienced one who can ensure the app meets all goals.

Whom To Hire: Freelancer, In-House or Out Sourced

Hiring In-House

In-House hiring is the most effective way and is time-consuming. If you already have a team In-house, the labor shortages can be filled by conducting interviews, selecting the best developers, and integrating them with the current team.

This hiring process is expensive since you provide a workplace and invest time and money in recruiting and onboarding new employees, but it is also the most constructive way if your project has a big budget to invest in.  

Pros Of In-House Hiring

  • Employee’s constant dedication.
  • Adaptation to the company’s culture.
  • More Participation.
  • Higher knowledge of the company’s development processes.

Cons Of In-House Hiring

  • Higher Costing of Hiring and Onboarding.
  • Cost of providing a satisfactory working space and tools.
  • Restricted to local tech aptitude.

Hiring A Freelancer

Another option for hiring is Freelance App Developer. Today, more people are inclined towards this approach. Now that freelance marketplaces like Upwork have emerged, any company owner may find and hire a developer online.

Hiring a Freelance developer is a significant option as the agreement is entirely contractual, and you are exempt from paying for benefits like paid time off, social security, and others. 

Pros Of Freelance

  • No requirement to supply functional equipment.
  • Employer models are optional.

Cons Of Freelance

  • Because of other projects, less dedication.
  • A challenging onboarding procedure
  • Only works for medium and small-sized enterprises.
  • Insufficient Skills

Hiring An Outsource Team or App Development Company

Hiring an App Developer through outsourcing is the best option of all. They work only on a contractual basis. You won’t incur any costs for hiring or termination expense, and it’s still less expensive than hiring an internal workforce.

Additionally, hiring developers on an outsourced basis is scalable and flexible, allowing you to adjust the team size to precisely match the project’s requirements and save money over time.

Pros Of Outsourcing

  • Low cost for Hiring and Onboarding.
  • Collaboration based on contracts.
  • Can choose a team with exceptional knowledge.
  • No expenses or obligations for the working tools and documentation.

Cons Of Outsourcing

  • Managing a team is necessary.
  • Potential challenges with communication.

Steps To Hire Best App Developers

Set Your Budget

The first step to hiring an App Developer is, Set your Budget. Start by choosing a platform you want to work with- Android, iOS, or Web. Then select with whom you want to work, a Freelancer or with a Company. You don’t have to invest a lot in your project, but at the same time, you should also not impose restrictions that may hamper your idea of the app or the quality, functionality, or design. A certain amount of flexibility is necessary. So, evaluate your needs and then determine an approximate spending range.

Hire an Experienced App Development Team

You might be wondering, “How and where to find an app developer?” So, the answer to your query is Freelance Websites like Tech Blogs and GitHub, Online job platforms like Get Apps Done, TheyMakeApps, and recommendations from individuals you know. Clutch is another example. It is among the finest resources for finding a trusted, experienced app development company. For your iSO app development, try the MacRumors iOS forum. And for Android app development, try the general app development communities Android Forums, Koding, or Topcoder. Online directories like LinkedIn, Indeed, Upwork, and Reddit facilitate hiring a full-stack developer.

Interview the App Developers

Next step in the hiring process is interviewing or vetting. Choose and list a few iOS or Android developers according to your needs. Now, how do you decide whom to choose? Look for developers who have experience in developing similar apps in the same niche in addition to their years of experience.

Look for their App portfolio and even download a few of their developed applications to try out. Go through the reviews or client testimonials. You can get in touch with them and cross-check if their services are legitimate and of high caliber. 

Contact a Developer or a Company

After analyzing the development company or a freelance developer, contact them directly for a detailed decision. Inquire about their technology, user experience, design capabilities, and payment strategy according to your needs. 

Before finalizing them, you need to interview each developer to know if they have the technical know-how necessary to create complex software.

And if you go with a Development company, you will have a choice between employing a developer or a dedicated team. Before you engage with a skilled app developer to develop your app, you should check with their prior experience, successful projects, and customer referrals whether you want to develop native apps or are interested in cross-platform app development. Even you should address the terms and conditions from both your and their sides.

Look for the Full Stack Mobile App Development Team

Developing an app in detail requires more than coding. You need a Development Team, which includes a business analyst, a designer for the app’s UI/UX, and even a QA tester to test the code of your comprehensive app and fix any flaws. The entire procedure of developing your app gets smoothly when each development team member works carefully to develop the app. 

Hire a Team

Now it’s time to hire the top App Developer! Once you finalize the right set of the development team, you can discuss your further agreement and code and terms and conditions for a smooth process. And after the process, you can start your app development work. 

Cost To Hire An App Developer

The cost of hiring an App Developer does not depend on the Price only, but it also varies significantly from several factors like Developer’s Experience, Location, Project Complexity, and the Platform (iOS or Android) you want to develop your app. Even payment models like Hourly Rates or Fixed Prices the Developers decide also impact the overall cost.

If we analyze the cost of App Developers from region to region, then the USA and Western Europe cost range from $100-250 per hour compared to India, Africa, and some parts of Asia, which ranges from $20-40 per hour.

Let’s look at the Table of Rates of App Developers. 

RegioniOS(Avg. $/Hr)Android(Avg. $/Hr)
Source: GoodFirms

Where to Find an App Developer?

Finding a qualified and experienced  App Developer for your app development project is crucial nowadays because of the competition and the On-demands apps. You can hire an App Developer from various resources. You just need to evaluate several possibilities based on your project needs and choose the right developer or right set of team that has knowledge.  

Start your search from Freelance Marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal, Clutch, and GoodFirms. These websites are one of the easiest ways to find mobile app developers. They help you with all the necessary information, from Developer Profiles, ratings, and portfolios to their technical abilities. With their help, you can get a good developer within your budget and requirements. 

Another resource is Social Media. Nowadays, we all are active on this platform, and even developers are using this activity to post their work and share their field expertise. You can reach them directly and learn more about their work process and experience. Popular social media platforms where you can find them are Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

You can also ask for references from your colleagues or friends who are in the same industry. Even there are many communities and forums such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, Hackernoon, Reddit, and Quora where developers contribute their work actively.

Now with these resources, you can hire App Developers hassle-free.

Why Hire App Developers at iSyncEvolution?

We hope we have covered every information and questions related to the App Developer hiring process. Finding the right App Developer for your project is significant. And this blog post is all about guiding you with every necessary information and process. If you find any difficulty or get stuck, you can contact us.

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