Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines the details that you offer to iSyncEvolution when you use this site.

To ensure that your privacy is secured and protected, we request you to provide relevant information that identifies your presence on the website, with assurances that the information you provide will adhere to the tenets outlined in this privacy statement.

iSyncEvolution makes this privacy policy binding to all website users effective from Feb 8, 2020.

We are authorized to collect information that includes the user’s name, title, contact details inclusive of the email address, physical address and other info required for accessibility to the site’s services.

You are granted limited license only for purposes of viewing the material contained on this Website.

We need this information to assess your requirements and deliver optimal services for a host of reasons that include:

  • To improve our offerings online and offline
  • To organize email campaigns that will shoot emails periodically to you about new updates on our offerings or relevant information that could appeal to your needs
  • Periodically, we may utilize your information for establishing contact with you to assess if we can provide services for your needs via email, mobile, or email.
  • To prevent access without authorization, we are keeping certain procedures in place to secure your information and safeguard your identity.

iSyncEvolution will periodically collect domain information for analysing the site’s usability, popularity of certain pages, overall performance of the site, and efficiency. We do not and will not provide personal or business information to other companies without your specific request and authorization. The information will let us know the identity of the users who visit our site, the most popular pages that they visit often and the average period of time they spend on the site. This information enhances our productivity, and helps us improve on customer satisfaction levels drastically. The information is fetched in an automated manner with no action required from your end.