Thinking of developing a web app? Here’s why you should choose Angular.js for development.

Angular.js development.


Companies are attempting to become extremely digital to increase their internet presence. There is an increasing amount of competition already exists on the internet to attract web traffic and increase conversions. And to thrive in this competitive market, choosing the right framework is very crucial. And thinking about web development, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages among angularjs developer.

This leaves you wondering which JavaScript framework to use for the best results?

So, let’s find out!

Angular is a strong frontend tool that provides components that help people write easy-to-use, understandable, and maintainable code. It is used to create dynamic web and mobile apps with best-in-class features.

Let’s find out more about this amazing framework and why you should choose it for your upcoming project?

Let’s understand more about Angular

Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source framework created by Google in 2009. It has evolved into one of the most refined architectures for developing modular and responsive web and mobile applications. It is very simple to use, simplifies the overall process, and supports the most recent JavaScript norms. Angular supports a wide variety of platforms, including mobile, web, and desktop. Angular is a top-notch front-end development framework used by among the best organization throughout the world and best of all – it is backed by google!

Check out some of the amazing features of choosing angular for web app development!

1.  Robust community support

Among the most essential forms of contemporary software development is having multiple ways to get information about a particular framework. And believe me, nothing is more frustrating than spending hours and hours googling a problem and not finding a solution.

And that’s where Angular comes to the rescue.

The significant benefit of using Angular is that it has a large community, and there are many resources for learning the framework and receiving support. Angular has received widespread popularity and praise from all developer communities around the world. As the popularity of this JavaScript is rising constantly, the Angular community is growing as well.

2.  Better code consistency

Code uniformity is the foundation for a successful development platform. It pushes stability at the initial level, resulting in better results and all its credit goes to Angular’s command-line interface and documentation guidebook. The Angular CLI feature enables developers to create simple and complex projects, helps in robust testing, and even in incorporating various functionalities into the same project while also keeping the entire team involved.

3.  Code reusability

As angular allows for resuing the code and streamlining the project development, the effort and resource investment is comparatively less. It even allows angular.js developers to add more features and capabilities with lesser code, making it more efficient for the angular.js developers’ team to work on multiple projects at the same time.

4.  Quite easy to maintain

An element does not affect how other app elements behave. That is why front-end angular.js developers can easily retrieve one from an application and replace it with something more sophisticated and trending. This feature of the Angular framework also adds to its high flexibility and faster time to market of the application. You can create additional elements individually and then simply add them to an application. Eventually, once a front-end developer has identified a mistake in an element, they can concentrate on correcting only that component. There was no need to sift through the whole app looking for the bug.

When to use Angular?

1.  Enterprise web development

Angular contains all the features required to create large-scale projects. It has auto-completion, sophisticated recompilation, and navigation characteristics that are very useful in enterprise web application development. Furthermore, because of the tool’s architectural style, you can conveniently repurpose and preserve code.

Gmail and YouTube TV are some of the best examples built with Angular.

2.  eCommerce store development

When it comes to eCommerce development, Angular helps you out. This framework is useful for designing the elements required for developing an eCommerce store, such as integrating various payment systems, developing a search feature, as well as other essential features required in a user-friendly eCommerce marketplace. However, still, in order to get the best in a class eCommerce store, partner with a leading angular development company and get things done!

3.  Progressive web app development

Progressive web apps are another trendy web app type in the market. It is accessible in both offline & online mode and has other useful features as well, which speed up its popularity over time. Talking about PWA, angular companies help to develop stellar progressive web apps easily, which attracts your end customers.

To wrap it up!

The Angular framework has come a long way to become a reliable tool for developing secure, high-performance, and bug-free applications. There are a few things to consider when selecting the Angular framework. It is up to you to decide which project to work on and which technology will help you achieve better results. If you want to try Angular for your upcoming web development project, our angular development company is ready to assist you in developing feature-rich web applications. So, contact us and hire Angular developers to create flexible and dynamic web apps in no time.