Tools for Android Development To Improve Workflow

Tools for android development

Apps and applications are into the news and have gained much traction in the past decade. With the rising use and popularity of android devices, it is almost mandatory for brands and businesses to offer Android-friendly apps to their customers. The Android app development services offered by individuals and agencies help businesses build the perfect app for their product or service-based business.

However, using straightforward code, a mobile app cannot be built in a few hours. It’s a tedious process that can be made easy using various Android development tools. This article guides you about Android development tools, some most popular tools, and their benefits. 

What are Android App Development Tools?

Tools that are useful in developing android apps are software programs that simplify the process of mobile app development. Tools for developing android apps have several IDEs, code-free development templates, etc. which simplifies the process.

The time invested in app development is reduced with the help of such tools. In addition, these apps make integrating backend services like push notifications easier. Also, these Android app development tools provide a visual development environment, along with features like hardware compatibility and support for workflow design.

Multiple tactics can be deployed to develop an Android app utilizing the Windows platform. These routes are divided into three categories: Android game programming, cross-platform development, and native Android development.

Tools for android app development

The era we live in is highly influenced and driven by technology. There are ample tools for Android app development available to simplify the process. But, some apps are quite popular in the industry and used by the masses. Some of these well-known tools used by app developers are described below:

1. Flutter

42% of developers use Flutter as their main cross-platform mobile framework, according to the 2021 developer poll. As a result, Flutter is the most widely used mobile framework worldwide.

With the help of the mobile development tool Flutter, you can create the same user interface (UI) for iOS, Android, and Windows. This open-source software library’s expressive and adaptable user interface toolkit is available to developers.

You can create apps with the same performance as native apps using Dart languages instead of sharing a code base. Also, you gain access to the rich motion UPIs, which let your apps access data from other apps on any device. Additionally, it guarantees the optimum user experience for the clients.

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2. Xamarin

Owned by Microsoft, Xamarin is next in the list of most popular tools used by developers for app development. This open-source framework for developing mobile applications makes creating powerful Windows, Android, and iOS applications easier using C# and.NET.

It allows you to create mobile apps quickly and easily with the help of tools, programming languages, and frameworks. The current data access and business logic layers can be utilized on several platforms.

3. Unity

Unity is the greatest android app development service for creating gaming apps since it offers superior graphics for a rich user experience. Using the sophisticated Bolt Visual Studio, you can integrate logic for games or applications without writing any code.

With its visual and node-based graphs, even those without programming experience may readily build the final logic. It may also be used on more than 17 various platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, PlayStation, Linux, Xbox, Wii, and the Web. You receive all available advantages and simple access to push alerts.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, Unity is considered among one of the top platforms for creating 2D and 3D games.

4. Android Studio

A developer can design native Android apps with the assistance of Android Studio. Not only is it quick, but it also provides capabilities for android app development companies for all different kinds of Android smartphones. This guarantees that the app you create will be extremely productive and effective.

It uses a Gradle build system that is fully integrated, which improves the experience of an Android app developer. A graphical user interface is also available. As a result, using drag and drop effectively is made simple for Android app developers.

5. IntelliJ IDEA

A native mobile application development tool called IntelliJ IDEA aims to increase the productivity of app developers. It is for the JVM programming language and aids in code completion, static code analysis, refactorings, and job self-management for developers.

As a multi-platform IDE, it makes it simpler for you to create native mobile apps for several operating systems, including Windows and macOS. It also supports several languages you may compile into JVM bytecode, such as Java, Kotlin, and Scala.

The above listed were some of the best tools for android development that the developers can utilize. 

Benefits of app development tools

Now, you have read about the most commonly used tools for app development. You might be curious to know the advantages of using these tools. Have a look at the most significant benefits of these tools:

  • Development tools help streamline the development process.
  • App development tools are less expensive than software development options.
  • These tools provide various features and functions.
  • They create more efficiency in the app development process.
  • They help developers create better applications faster.

What were the major benefits that one must know? An Android app development company must understand the benefits of these tools to make the most of them. 


The technology has equipped app developers with various tools to fulfill different needs. All these tools have different features, so it is important to identify the tools best suited to the needs and skills of the developer. With the right combination of tools, developers can create powerful applications that users worldwide can enjoy. We at iSyncEvolutions understand the needs and skills of each developer and guide them to use the right tool to deliver the best android apps for your businesses. This makes us a trusted app development company in India among companies and businesses. Connect with us to fulfill your app requirements.